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According to the budget proposal, 40 new operation theatres will be constructed in the hospital taking the total number of facility to 60. Officials said at present there are 20 operation theatres at the Hindu Rao Hospital where close to 15,000 surgeries are performed every year. With 40 new operation theatres, at least 60,000 surgeries can be performed every year and the waiting period will come down significantly to 15 days from four months.


As the growing merchant class increased their wealth, the aristocracy wanted to protect their status. Sumptuary laws that restricted the types of clothing a person could wear depending on tier station. Were passed to prevent the upstart bourgeoisie from mimicking the elite class.

Never think that this article is intended as ridicule or belittling of any individual or any group of people. Although it is somewhat amusing now, the fact is I look back over the years and I remember with awe, and highest respect for those people who were regarded by many as hillbillies. The true meaning of the word is A person from the backwoods or a remote mountain area.

I spent a lot of time in the Textiles area in the lower level the "homemaking section." Ah, here's where the Russians showed their colors! On display were brightly colored, traditional 19th century costumes, worn only on special occasions, and some of the tools used to create them. All but one of the garments were homespun women's dresses [I'm just trying to imagine life without jeans!] . There was just one man's shirt men apparently wore out their clothing in their more vigorous outdoor labors, so fewer pieces survive for the museums. So we're talking about the GPS thing. You go into the about section of your page and then you click on the, look at here on the right hand side, but the GPS is basically the same thing as local, geo local. So you click on San Francisco, that's where I'm living now.

When you're accustomed to success, and eager to offer a bold vision after taking a new job, you might succumb to talking yourself out onto a limb. Debbie Yow did. State in June 2010, she declared her intent to see the long eclipsed program stand among the top 25 nationally. FOMO Promotes Self Destructive BehaviorAnother trendy acronym related to FOMO is YOLO (you only live once), which, in tandem, can create a recipe for risk taking. Like, YOLO, FOMO is all about living with no regrets, says relationship expert April Masini, and that can lead people away from sound decision making. Life of purely and solely FOMO decisions can lead to impulse buying, impulse sex and impulse reactions that create discord, chaos, health issues and financial ruin, she explains. Il Treno va a Mosca



“Un poema lirico, visivo, musicale, politico, umano, esistenziale, storico, comico, struggente su cosa voleva dire il comunismo italiano e su cosa era l’Italia negli anni’50”. 
 Paolo Virzì


“Una ‘fetta’ di vita vera che riprende vita grazie al cinema, ben più autentica e toccante di qualsiasi immagine ricostruita”. 


“La storia del Sogno Sovietico che molti comunisti italiani hanno coltivato, dandogli una potenza che in certi momenti, e per certe persone, ha sfidato quella del Sogno Americano (…) Il treno va a Mosca racconta una Russia che non c’è mai stata e un’Italia che non c’è più”. 
Alberto Crespi- L’UNITA’


“A politically savvy, superbly edited account of one Italian man’s shattering disillusionment with socialism at the 1957 World Festival of Youth. Documentary consumers need to board “The Train to Moscow: A Journey to Utopia,” a politically savvy, superbly edited trip back to the U.S.S.R.” 
Jay Weissberg- VARIETY